The Capitol experienced a fatal attack on January 6th.

Reimagining the Honorable Man

Reimagining the Honorable Man

A Different Perspective on Donald Trump

Upon reading a letter from a Geneseo reader on Feb. 2, my friend and I were prepared for sarcasm when we encountered the phrase “Donald Trump is an honorable man,” reminiscent of Mark Anthony’s speech in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” about Cassius.

An Unconventional Take on the Capitol Riot

One particular example cited by the reader is the Capitol riot that occurred on Jan. 6. The reader questions the notion that individuals wandering the halls of Congress and taking selfies can be considered an insurrection, especially when juxtaposed with Trump’s call for people to return home. According to subsequent investigations, approximately 120,000 people attended Trump’s speech at the Ellipse. Of those, around 30,000 marched to the Capitol and over 10,000 entered the building, as confirmed by the Government Accounting Office.

Unveiling the Evidence

The events of that day were extensively documented through various videos. Sedition Hunters, a group dedicated to investigating the incident, has identified 3,200 different individuals involved in the riot, leading to the arrest of 1,265 of them.

The Human Toll

Tragically, five individuals lost their lives as a result of the Capitol riot. One woman was fatally shot while attempting to climb through a House chamber window, one died of a drug overdose, and three succumbed to natural causes—one of whom was a police officer. Furthermore, four other officers tragically took their own lives in the aftermath of the event.

The Aftermath

In addition to the loss of life, a total of 174 police officers were injured during the Capitol riot.

Trump’s Delayed Response

It was only after the mob had already wreaked havoc on the historic building that Trump released a video, at 4:17 p.m. EST, urging the rioters to go home.

Challenging the Tourist Narrative

Contrary to the notion of tourists innocently posing for pictures, the events that unfolded at the Capitol on that fateful day suggest a far more severe situation.

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