The Capitol faced a fatal attack on January 6th

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Examining the Allegations Against Donald Trump


A recent letter from a Geneseo reader caught my attention. It made me reflect on the statement “Donald Trump is an honorable man” and the potential sarcasm behind it, reminiscent of Mark Anthony’s speech in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” about Cassius.

The Capitol Riot

One particular example that comes to mind is the Capitol riot that occurred on January 6. The writer questions the severity of the incident, stating that “people wandering the halls of Congress taking selfies while Trump is telling folks to go home hardly seems an insurrection.”

However, upon closer examination, subsequent investigations revealed that approximately 120,000 people attended Trump’s speech at the Ellipse. Out of those, around 30,000 individuals marched to the Capitol, with over 10,000 entering the building, as confirmed by the Government Accounting Office.

The Evidence

Extensive video footage was captured during that day, offering undeniable evidence of the events that unfolded. Notably, a group called Sedition Hunters has identified 3,200 different individuals, leading to the arrest of 1,265 individuals.

The Casualties

Tragically, there were five deaths as a result of the Capitol riot. One woman was fatally shot while attempting to climb into the House chamber through a window. Additionally, one person died from a drug overdose and three from natural causes, including a police officer. Furthermore, four other officers tragically took their own lives in the aftermath.

The Impact on Law Enforcement

Moreover, a total of 174 police officers sustained injuries during the riot, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Trump’s Response

It is important to note that it was only at 4:17 p.m. EST, after the mob had already vandalized the historic building, that Trump released a video urging the mob to disperse and go home.


Based on the available evidence, it becomes clear that the events of the Capitol riot cannot be dismissed as mere tourist behavior or harmless posing for pictures. The scale of the gathering, the identified individuals, the casualties, and the impact on law enforcement all emphasize the seriousness of the situation.

It is crucial to thoroughly examine the facts and draw informed conclusions when evaluating such significant events in our nation’s history.

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