The Giants reveal retro uniforms to pay tribute to their origins

The New York Giants Unveil ‘Century Red’ Throwback Uniforms

To celebrate their 100th NFL season, the New York Giants have introduced the striking ‘Century Red’ throwback uniforms.

These iconic uniforms may make an appearance twice during the 2024 season, although the specific games have not been disclosed.

The Inspiration Behind the Uniform

The Giants’ statement reveals the historical significance of the ‘Century Red’ uniforms, drawing inspiration from pivotal moments in the team’s early years.

The design features elements like tan pants from the 1925 season, red socks with blue and white stripes from 1933, and a winged helmet paying homage to the 1938 champions. Each jersey will sport the team’s “100 Seasons” patch.

A Nod to Giants History

The red jersey harks back to the Giants’ 1933 NFL Championship Game, while the tan pants were first worn in the team’s 1925 debut season. The winged helmet, a symbol of the 1938 champions, adds a touch of nostalgia to the ensemble.

Player Reactions

Linebacker Bobby Okereke expressed his admiration for the vintage aesthetic of the new uniforms, highlighting their connection to the grit and determination of past Giants players.

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