The Green New Deal: A $1.347 Trillion Investment

Green New Steal

The Costly Truth Behind Biden’s Green Energy Policies

The Biden Administration’s vision of a clean, affordable renewable energy future to shift away from fossil fuels has led to significant financial investments. However, these policies have resulted in billions of dollars spent on initiatives that are hindering the American economy’s health and prosperity. Here are some examples:

The Deceptive “Inflation Reduction Act” – $1.2 Trillion:

  • Offers up to $250 billion for green spending through enhanced loan authority for energy infrastructure upgrades.
  • Dedicates $393 billion in federal funds and tax credits for the production of unpopular electric vehicles (EVs) and EV batteries.
  • Expands clean electricity tax credits, costing an estimated $274 billion by 2031.
  • Subsidizes manufacturing for intermittent solar and wind generation through the $193 billion “45x program.”

The Wasteful Infrastructure and Investments Job Act – $120 Billion:

  • Allocates $50 billion for ambiguous “climate resilience” efforts.
  • Authorizes $65 billion for clean power, energy transmission, and EV infrastructure upgrades, which are unreliable.
  • Generates over $4.5 billion in Title XVII loan guarantees to favor certain renewable energy industries.

The American Rescue Plan Act debacle – $27 Billion:

The grand total for President Biden’s “Green New Steal” scheme?

$1.347 Trillion of taxpayer money.

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