The Inflation Reduction Act Attracts Four Companies, Creating 850 Jobs in State

<a href="">Inflation Reduction Act</a> Boosting <a href="">clean energy</a> Jobs in West Virginia

The Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on clean energy Jobs in West Virginia


The Inflation Reduction Act, implemented 18 months ago, has successfully attracted companies and created jobs in West Virginia. The primary goal of this act, which became law in 2022, was to introduce new clean energy manufacturing opportunities to traditional energy communities.

Impact on Economy

According to E2, a renowned group of business leaders and investors, the Inflation Reduction Act has stimulated over $1.3 billion in investments in West Virginia, leading to the creation of 850 new jobs in the state. This significant influx of capital has resulted in the establishment of various clean energy projects across the region.

Key Companies and Projects

  • Berkshire Hathaway Energy: The company is currently constructing a solar-powered microgrid at a former aluminum plant in Ravenswood.
  • Gestamp: This company is focusing on manufacturing parts for electric vehicles at its facility in South Charleston.
  • Form Energy: Engaged in building storage batteries at a new plant in Weirton.
  • Solar Holler: Responsible for powering the Wayne County school system using solar panels.

National Impact

The Inflation Reduction Act has not only benefitted West Virginia but has also influenced clean energy initiatives on a national scale. E2 has reported a total of 305 projects in 41 states, amounting to over $123 billion in investments and the creation of more than 125,000 jobs. This showcases the widespread impact and success of the legislation beyond state borders.

*Solar Holler is a proud supporter of West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

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