The rising cost of climate law due to uncapped tax credits

The Impact of tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act


When the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law in 2022, it was estimated that the bill’s climate provisions would cost around $390 billion over 10 years. However, external forecasts suggest the cost could be closer to $1 trillion, with the Congressional Budget Office revising its projections recently.

The Role of tax credits

One of the key aspects driving the spending variability in the Inflation Reduction Act is the use of tax credits targeting electric vehicles, clean energy production, and more. These tax credits are essential in incentivizing behaviors that align with the goals of the bill.

Interview Insights

Kai Ryssdal, host of “Marketplace,” discussed the role of tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act with John Bistline from the Electric Power Research Institute. Bistline highlighted how the uncapped tax credits in the bill aim to promote clean energy transition while also creating new job opportunities and enhancing energy security.

Impact on Investment

For industries like wind and solar energy, complying with the targets set by the Inflation Reduction Act can result in significant tax benefits. These tax credits, when stacked together, can lead to a total tax credit of up to 50% for projects meeting specific criteria.

Market Trends

Despite being a relatively new law, the Inflation Reduction Act has already influenced the marketplace. Trends indicate an increase in clean energy capacity installation and electric vehicle adoption, suggesting a positive impact of the bill’s provisions.

Future Considerations

With the upcoming election year and potential changes in leadership, the future of the Inflation Reduction Act remains uncertain. However, the act’s contribution towards narrowing the decarbonization gap in the U.S. highlights the importance of continued efforts in sustainable energy policies.

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