Third-party solar power benefits Oklahoma nonprofit and high school

Oklahoma Nonprofits and Schools Going Solar


Discover how Oklahoma nonprofits and schools are embracing solar energy through a unique investment strategy.

The Inflation Reduction Act

Learn how the inflation reduction act of 2022 is driving the shift towards renewable energy with $369 billion in tax incentives.

Accelerating Solar Ownership

Explore how the Inflation Reduction Act is fueling third-party solar ownership, benefiting investors and nonprofits alike.

Brightwell’s Role

Find out how Brightwell facilitates partnerships between investors and nonprofits to lower energy costs and drive impact.

Impact Investing

Discover how individuals and corporations can become impact investors through tax equity investments in solar power projects.

Regional Food Bank Success Story

Learn how the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is leveraging solar power to enhance sustainability and serve their community.

Positive Impact

Explore how solar power installations are leading to significant energy savings, allowing nonprofits to redirect funds to vital programs.

Solar Power Expansion

Discover the potential for solar power to expand and benefit more schools and nonprofits in Oklahoma.

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