Top magnesium supplements for enhancing brain function and promoting better sleep

Best Magnesium Supplements for Brain Function and Sleep

What are the benefits of magnesium?

Magnesium is a vital nutrient that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions such as muscle contractions, managing blood sugars and blood pressure, promoting good sleep, and supporting normal brain function. However, many people lack magnesium in their diets due to a lack of consumption of foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Additionally, a diet high in protein and fat or experiencing high levels of stress can deplete magnesium levels in the body.

What is the best form of magnesium to take?

When it comes to choosing a magnesium supplement, it can be overwhelming due to the variety of options available. Two popular forms of magnesium supplements are magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate. However, according to Dr. Medlin, for mental and physical relaxation, as well as improved sleep, magnesium bisglycinate is a great choice. She also mentioned a new form of magnesium called l-threonate, which is believed to be a better “brain booster,” but it is not yet approved for sale in the UK.

What should I look for when buying magnesium supplements?

When purchasing magnesium supplements, it’s important to consider the specific form of magnesium and any potential side effects. Some forms of magnesium, like magnesium citrate, can cause diarrhea, so it’s essential to look for alternatives. Magnesium bisglycinate is a recommended form for relaxation and stress relief, as it is more bioavailable and does not cause diarrhea. Choosing a magnesium blend can also provide a range of benefits and increased sleepiness and calmness.

What is the recommended dosage for a magnesium supplement?

It’s generally not advisable to take high doses of magnesium supplements since we already get some magnesium from our diets. Dr. Medlin suggests that a dose of 50mg in the evening is sufficient for most people to notice an impact. However, some individuals may prefer a higher dose.

How often should you take a magnesium supplement?

The frequency of taking magnesium supplements depends on individual needs. For sleep and relaxation benefits, taking magnesium each night is recommended. Building a routine with magnesium supplementation, along with other sleep and relaxation aids like L-theanine, can enhance the benefits. Those experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety may benefit from additional magnesium bisglycinate in the morning, although it may cause drowsiness in some individuals. If you notice a benefit from magnesium, it’s best to continue taking it daily.

When will you start to feel the benefits of taking a magnesium supplement?

Like other vitamin supplements, the effects of magnesium supplements are not instant. Dr. Medlin advises that most people will notice a benefit within a couple of weeks. However, the more depleted you are in magnesium, the longer it may take to feel the benefits. It’s recommended to persevere for at least a month before deciding if magnesium supplementation is effective for you.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take a magnesium supplement?

It’s always best to consult with a GP before starting any new supplements, especially if you’re taking prescription medications. Individuals with digestive problems should avoid magnesium citrate and be cautious with high doses to minimize the risk of side effects.

Best Magnesium Supplements to Consider

1. Pure Encapsulations Magnesium (glycinate): These capsules provide 240 mg of vegetarian magnesium supplements to replenish low magnesium levels and boost physical and cognitive functions.

2. Together Health Natural Marine Magnesium: A natural complex containing five forms of magnesium sustainably sourced from the Dead Sea, ideal for maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and improving the nervous system.

3. You’re Looking Well Night Pill: Formulated by Dr. Sarah Medlin, this magnesium supplement combines magnesium and L-theanine for improved sleep quality and anti-aging properties.

4. Westlab Pure Mineral Bathing Epsom Salt: Made from pure Magnesium Sulfate, these bath salts cleanse the body, soothe the mind, and aid in body recovery. Add a cup to your bath and soak for up to 20 minutes.

5. Floradix Magnesium Liquid Formula: This liquid formula contains herbal extracts and fruit juice concentrates for a tasty and nutrient-packed magnesium supplement that is quickly absorbed by the body.

6. Boots Magnesium 375mg Tablets: A convenient tablet form of magnesium supplement, providing 375mg of magnesium per tablet.

Incorporating magnesium supplements into your lifestyle can provide numerous health benefits, but it’s important to choose the right form, dosage, and frequency based on your specific needs and consult a healthcare professional if necessary.

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