Tragic Discovery: Young Palestinian Girl Found Deceased in Car with Deceased Relatives

Tragic Death of 5-Year-Old Palestinian Girl in Gaza

Tragic Death of 5-Year-Old Palestinian Girl in Gaza


A heartbreaking incident involving a 5-year-old Palestinian girl has recently come to light. The girl, named Hind Rajab, was tragically found dead after being trapped in a car with her deceased relatives during an Israeli military operation in Gaza. This disturbing event has caused shock and sadness among many.

The Incident

In late January, Hind Rajab was fleeing with her uncle, his wife, and their four children from the ongoing conflict in northern Gaza. Unfortunately, their car came under Israeli fire, resulting in the deaths of everyone inside. The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) confirmed that Hind Rajab’s lifeless body was discovered near the Fares petrol station in the Tal Al-Hawa area, southwest of Gaza City.

Confirmation and Condemnation

According to Khader Al Za’anoun, a Palestinian journalist working for CNN, the child’s grandfather provided information about the incident, stating that Hind Rajab and the others in the car were killed by the Israeli Army. This revelation has sparked outrage and condemnation, as it raises questions about the actions of the Israeli military and their disregard for civilian lives.

The PRCS further confirmed that two ambulance workers dispatched to rescue Hind Rajab also lost their lives. In a statement, they expressed frustration and accused the Israeli occupation of deliberately targeting the Red Crescent crew, despite prior coordination to allow the ambulance to reach the location and save the young girl.

Response from the Israeli Military

Upon learning of the incident, CNN promptly shared the details, including coordinates provided by the PRCS, with the Israeli military. However, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initially claimed to be unfamiliar with the described incident. When contacted again by CNN, they stated that they were still investigating the matter. This response has left many seeking answers and demanding accountability.

A Desperate Plea for Help

The tragedy took a more chilling turn when audio of a desperate call for help made by Hind Rajab’s 15-year-old cousin, Layan Hamadeh, was shared on social media. During the call, gunshots can be heard in the background, indicating the ongoing danger they faced. Tragically, Layan Hamadeh was killed while making the call, leaving the paramedic on the line with no response.

Alone and terrified, Hind Rajab found herself trapped in the car surrounded by the lifeless bodies of her relatives. In a recording of the call released by the PRCS, Hind Rajab can be heard pleading for someone to come and rescue her, expressing her fear and desperation.

A Dream Cut Short

Hind Rajab’s mother, Wissam Hamada, shared that her daughter had dreams of becoming a doctor. The loss of Hind Rajab has shattered these aspirations and robbed the world of a potential future healer.


This tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of the devastating consequences of conflict and the toll it takes on innocent lives. The story of Hind Rajab will forever remain a heartbreaking chapter in the ongoing struggle for peace and justice.

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