Tragic Incident at Evergreen State College: Student Fatality and Injuries Linked to Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Tragic Incident at Evergreen State College

Student Dies in Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Olympia, Washington

Carbon monoxide poisoning continues to pose a serious threat to public safety. In a tragic incident at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, a student has died and three people have been injured due to suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. The incident occurred on Monday night and is currently being investigated by the Washington State Patrol.

Emergency Response and Hospitalization

A student residence manager at Evergreen State College raised the alarm after being unable to contact students, prompting the campus police to take action. The police broke down the door and performed CPR in an attempt to save lives. Two students and the officer who performed CPR were hospitalized, with the officer being released on Tuesday morning.

Global Impact of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated case. Carbon monoxide poisoning has already claimed lives around the world. Earlier this year, three marines were found dead in a vehicle outside a convenience store in North CarolinaCNN. Additionally, a British couple died in their hotel room after it was sprayed with pesticideCNN.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can accumulate in poorly ventilated spaces. It can be caused by various sources, including leaking chimneys and unvented gas space heaters. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 400 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year.

Recognizing the Symptoms

One of the challenges with carbon monoxide poisoning is that it is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. Symptoms are often described as flu-like, including headache, dizziness, and vomiting, according to the CDC.

Tragedy Strikes Unaware Victims

Many people are unaware that they have been exposed to carbon monoxide until it is too late. In the case of the British couple in Egypt, the room next door was sealed off, but a conjoining door allowed the lethal pesticide to enter their room. They fell ill during the night and were discovered by their daughter the next dayCNN. Similarly, three Americans staying at an Airbnb in Mexico died after being exposed to a strong smell of gasCNN.

Prioritizing Safety

As Evergreen State College mourns the loss of a student, President John Carmichael emphasized that the safety of students, staff, and faculty remains the institution’s top priority. Carbon monoxide poisoning serves as a reminder of the importance of proactive measures to prevent such tragedies.

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