Trump campaign managers slam Commission on Presidential Debates for refusing to change original debate schedule

Trump Campaign Criticizes Debate Commission

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign managers recently criticized the Commission on Presidential Debates for sticking to its original schedule despite calls for changes. The Trump campaign urged for earlier dates and additional debates, but the commission remained firm in its decision.

Call for Coordination

In a statement, campaign managers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles extended an invitation to all television networks in America to host a debate. They called on President Joe Biden’s campaign to cooperate in setting up a debate as soon as possible.

Republican Pressure for Early Debates

Republicans have been vocal about the need for debates between Trump and Biden to happen sooner rather than later. The push for early debates has been ongoing for weeks.

Strong Statements from Trump Campaign

LaCivita and Wiles expressed disappointment in the commission’s refusal to move up the debates. They emphasized Trump’s willingness to debate anytime and anywhere, with or without the commission’s involvement. The call for cooperation from Biden’s team was reiterated.

Commission’s Response

Despite the criticism, the Commission on Presidential Debates stood by its original schedule. The commission announced that debate invitations would be extended to qualifying candidates after applying their criteria in early September.

Republican National Committee’s Involvement

The Republican National Committee has been actively encouraging surrogates to advocate for Biden to debate Trump. Trump and his team have consistently emphasized their readiness for a debate, contrasting it with Biden’s perceived reluctance.

Biden’s Willingness to Debate

Biden recently expressed his willingness to debate Trump, stating that he would be “happy to debate.” While there have been previous uncertainties, Biden’s latest stance signals openness to the idea.

Historical Context

Trump has had a varied history with debates, from eagerness in the past to skipping debates in the recent Republican primary. The RNC’s decision to withdraw from debates hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates two years ago further highlights the complexity of the debate landscape.

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