Trump Faces $370 Million Demand by New York A.G. Following Civil Fraud Trial

The New York Attorney General Seeks $370 Million Penalty for Donald Trump

The New York attorney general has requested a penalty of approximately $370 million against former President Donald J. Trump. The attorney general, Letitia James, accused Trump of engaging in unlawful conduct and inflating his net worth to receive favorable treatment from financial institutions and insurers. The trial, which concluded last month, provided evidence that Trump had gained this amount through fraudulent means.

Attorney General’s Penalty Request

The attorney general’s penalty request of $370 million exceeds the previous estimate of $250 million. This monetary penalty serves as a consequence for Trump’s alleged wrongdoing.

Case Status and Closing Arguments

Next week, closing arguments will be made in front of the trial judge, Arthur F. Engoron. As there is no jury in this case, Judge Engoron aims to issue a ruling by the end of the month. The ongoing trial has been contentious, with frequent clashes between lawyers representing the attorney general and Trump.

Demands from the Attorney General

In addition to the financial penalty, the attorney general is requesting that Trump be barred from participating in New York’s real estate industry and from holding executive positions within the state. These demands reflect the severity of the allegations made against the former president.

Justice Engoron’s Favorable Rulings

Justice Engoron, who previously ruled in favor of the attorney general, has shown support for her arguments. Before the trial commenced, he found Trump guilty of fraud for inflating his asset values. The trial primarily focused on whether Trump’s conduct violated New York laws and the potential consequences he should face.

Trump’s Defense and Trial Proceedings

Throughout the trial, Trump’s lawyers attempted to derail the proceedings, claiming a lack of sufficient evidence. However, these arguments were dismissed by Justice Engoron, who criticized the lawyers’ frivolity and highlighted the subjective nature of asset valuation.

Justice Engoron’s Final Words

Justice Engoron emphasized that although valuations can vary, a lie remains a lie. His words underscore the gravity of the allegations against Trump and the importance of upholding the truth.

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