Trump requests DOJ communications involving Biden, Hunter Biden, and Mike Pence

Trump’s Legal Team Seeks Information from US Government Agencies

Trump’s Legal Team Requests Investigation into US Government Agencies


Attorneys representing Donald Trump have filed a request with a federal judge in Washington, seeking permission to investigate multiple US government agencies. The investigation pertains to their handling of previous investigations into Trump and allegations of voter fraud from three years ago. This move comes as the former president aims to defend himself against charges of criminally conspiring to subvert the results of the 2020 election. In their court filing on Monday, Trump’s legal team specifically requested information from the FBI, Justice Department, intelligence community, and Department of Homeland Security, regarding election integrity and national security.

Trump’s Defense and Allegations

Trump’s lawyers argue that it is crucial for prosecutors to provide information that supports his defense and arguments regarding good faith and the absence of criminal intent. They emphasize that it is not a crime for Trump to disagree with current officials and to rely on the independent judgment that the American people elected him to use. The lawyers further state that whether Trump genuinely believed the allegations of voter fraud is a matter for trial.

Expanding the Requests

Trump’s demands in his historic prosecution go beyond the typical requests made by defendants in federal criminal cases. In their extensive legal filing, Trump’s lawyers argue for wide leeway to compel the prosecution team to turn over a substantial amount of information. The defense’s requests include identifying informants and undercover operatives involved in the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, as well as information about security measures taken that day. They also seek details about cyberattacks and any interference in the election.

Political Persecution Claims

Trump’s legal team alleges that he is a victim of political persecution by the Biden administration, as he is Biden’s primary rival for the 2024 election. To support this claim, they have requested any communication or coordination between the Justice Department and the Biden administration or family members, including Hunter Biden. Additionally, Trump’s lawyers seek information about the Justice Department’s interactions with Mike Pence, Trump’s former vice president and a key witness in his indictment.

Pence’s Motivations and Other Cases

Trump’s defense suggests that Pence may have been motivated to align his story with prosecutors’ desires due to classified documents found at his home. They note that the Justice Department’s investigation of Pence concluded without charges. This case is one of four felony prosecutions facing Trump this year. The other charges include allegations of obstruction in Georgia’s election results, mishandling of classified documents, and business fraud in New York.

Challenges and Denials

Trump’s requests for information are considered a legal long-shot. The defense has made baseless claims that the Capitol attack could have been the result of a failed sting operation by undercover government agents. However, no evidence supporting this theory has been uncovered in the numerous criminal cases related to the attack. Furthermore, U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan denied an earlier request by Trump to subpoena House members and other parties for purported “missing materials” related to the House committee’s investigation of the attack.

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