Trump’s Bitter Standoff with Fox News Is Only Getting Worse

Trump’s Relationship with Fox News on the Rocks as Indictments Pile Up

In both of his last presidential runs, Fox News was essential to Donald Trump’s success. Now, as the former president navigates another campaign amid a tidal wave of indictments and legal trouble, he’s staring at the possibility of a much frostier relationship with the cable giant—and that could be bad news for both of them.

Trump’s inner circle has become increasingly convinced that Fox News is essentially sidelining the former president by restricting live appearances on their network. According to a Trump operative, Trump is not allowed to appear live on Fox due to fears that he could make baseless allegations that could lead to legal trouble for the network. Another Trump adviser confirmed that the former president is no longer allowed on live air and that Fox News prefers to have him in a pre-recorded setting.

After a lengthy hiatus last year, Trump re-emerged on Fox News this past March, but his appearances have been limited and pre-recorded. According to a search, Trump last phoned in live to a Fox News program in April of 2022. This freeze-out is believed to be a result of Fox News’ defamation settlement stemming from its on-air Trump fanatics refusing to correct election-denial conspiracy theories. It seems that Fox’s lawyers may have engineered a solution that doesn’t require its propagandists to perform journalism.

The apparent ban on Trump’s live appearances is a stark contrast to earlier Fox News coverage when they used to go live at every single one of his rallies. This standoff between Fox News and the former president risks alienating Trump’s base of MAGA-loving viewers. Fox News representatives did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

Trump’s frustration with Fox News has been evident in his social media posts, where he has frequently lashed out at the network and its executives. He has claimed that the network employs “globalists” and has challenged Rupert Murdoch, the network’s founder, to an “acuity test.” His son, Donald Trump Jr., has also expressed frustration, claiming that he hasn’t been invited on Fox in months.

While some Trump allies at the network, like Hannity and Levin, remain steadfast, Trump’s relationship with Fox News has always been complicated. The news side of the network has been more oppositional to Trump due to his relationship with the truth. But the reality is, it’s Trump who has taken up against Fox, accusing Rupert Murdoch of throwing his anchors under the table and infuriating his viewers.

Whether Fox warms back up to Trump or vice versa remains to be seen. Some Trump advisers believe that both sides will thaw once they’re out of the GOP primary. However, in the meantime, Trump’s restricted access to live appearances on Fox News could impact his ability to engage with his base and gain the media attention he desires for his campaign. As the indictments pile up, Trump may find himself in need of a more favorable media ally.

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