Two Rioters Convicted on Jan. 6 Donated to Republican Joe Kent Supported by MAGA

Joe Kent’s Campaign Contributions

During his 2024 congressional campaign, Joe Kent, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, received donations from two federally convicted participants in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. These contributions raised eyebrows due to Kent’s controversial views on the attack and his advocacy for pardoning most of the imprisoned rioters.

David Charles Rhine’s Donation

In June, David Charles Rhine, an accounting firm owner from Bremerton, Washington, contributed $250 to Kent’s campaign. Previously convicted on four misdemeanor charges related to his actions at the riot, Rhine also donated $375 to a joint fundraising committee that Kent operates with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

Alexander Sheppard’s Contribution

Alexander Sheppard of Powell, Ohio, donated $500 to Kent in February 2022. Sheppard, convicted on five criminal counts, including a felony for obstructing an official proceeding, was one of the initial rioters to breach the Capitol. His actions, captured on video, showcased his defiance and disregard for the law.

Controversial Endorsements

Despite scrutiny for receiving donations from convicted rioters, Kent’s campaign refused to return the funds, citing respect for due process. With opponents highlighting his ties to the extreme factions of the “Make America Great Again” movement, Kent faces criticism for his unwavering support of Trump and his propagation of baseless election conspiracy theories.

Political Landscape

Having narrowly lost the 2022 general election to Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, Kent seeks to reclaim the 3rd Congressional District seat in Washington. Gluesenkamp Perez has criticized Kent for his dangerous rhetoric and his divisive stance on democracy, aligning him with the radical elements of the MAGA movement.

Primary Challenges

In the upcoming primary, Kent faces stiff competition from Leslie Lewallen and Leslie “Nick” French. Despite the challenges, Kent maintains a significant fundraising lead heading into the election season, demonstrating strong support within the Republican constituency.

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