UC Police Utilizing Tactics Similar to January 6th Incident to Locate Pro-Israel Vigilantes Responsible for UCLA Encampment Attack

UCPD Investigation at UCLA

The University of California Police Department’s Investigation at UCLA

The Incident

Following an attack on a UCLA encampment, the University of California Police Department (UCPD) is employing advanced techniques similar to those used on January 6 to identify the perpetrators.

The Attack

On the night of April 30 to May 1, around 100 vigilantes assaulted the encampment, which had been bullying Jewish students for nearly a week. The activists used antisemitic rhetoric and even physically assaulted journalists.

Delayed Response

Despite the ongoing issues, UCLA did not intervene, with UCPD reportedly instructed not to disturb the encampment. It was only after the overnight conflict that police finally intervened, clearing the encampment the next night.

Political Response

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass and UCLA Chancellor Gene Block promised to prosecute the vigilantes following the incident, which President Joe Biden condemned as antisemitic.

UCPD Investigation

The UCPD is now conducting a major investigation using facial recognition tools to identify the perpetrators, marking potentially the largest case in the department’s history.

Technological Tools

By scanning hundreds of images and utilizing facial recognition technology, UCPD aims to match faces to names with the help of internet and social media sources.

Previous Success

Similar technology has aided law enforcement in identifying suspects in various cases, including the January 6 Capitol riot. Investigators have been able to link assailants to their actions through social media images.

Public Perception

Pro-Palestinian activists at the encampment feel police favored the vigilantes due to the delayed response. However, police and security allowed the encampment to persist despite prior instructions.

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