US campus protests: Columbia University building seized by Pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Protests at Columbia University Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, dozens of protesters have seized a building at Columbia University in New York, raising a Palestinian flag, and barricading the entrances. As this unfolds, the UN human rights chief expresses concern over law enforcement actions during recent campus demonstrations.

Protest Escalation on US Campuses

Protests on US campuses against the Israel-Hamas war are escalating, with Columbia University being the latest center of unrest. Videos show protesters at Columbia’s Manhattan campus occupying Hamilton Hall, a building with a history of activism. This action follows an ultimatum for protesters to leave an encampment, leading to suspension threats from the university.

Protests Defiance and University Response

Despite the ultimatum, Columbia’s pro-Palestinian protesters have refused to abandon their encampment. The university has initiated suspensions as a measure to ensure campus safety and has emphasized that disciplinary actions will be taken based on the nature of each offense.

Nationwide Campus Protests

Protests at universities across the US are intensifying as demonstrators clash with police over the Israel-Hamas war. The number of arrests nationwide is nearing 1,000, with colleges facing pressure to address financial ties to Israel and uphold free speech while combating accusations of antisemitism.

UN Human Rights Chief’s Concern

The UN human rights chief has voiced unease over the use of force by security forces on US campuses during protests. He stresses the importance of distinguishing between freedom of expression and incitement to violence, urging a balanced approach to handling demonstrations.

Lawsuits and Complaints

Legal action is brewing over Columbia University’s handling of the protests. A class-action lawsuit by Jewish students alleges breach of contract and demands a safe learning environment. On the other side, a legal group representing pro-Palestinian students is calling for a civil rights investigation into Columbia’s treatment of protesters.

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