USDA grants funding to aid in foreclosure prevention efforts

USDA Provides Financial Assistance for Distressed Farm Loan Borrowers

USDA Provides Financial Assistance for Distressed Farm Loan Borrowers

Preventing Foreclosures and Assisting Emergency Loan Borrowers

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is taking action to support distressed farm loan borrowers. The USDA will provide $208 million in financial assistance to prevent guaranteed borrower foreclosures and assist emergency loan borrowers. This assistance is made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act, which has allocated $3.1 billion to help distressed farm loan borrowers.

Preventing Foreclosures

In an effort to prevent foreclosures, USDA will cover approximately $80 million in delinquencies for 210 borrowers whose qualifying guaranteed loans were flagged for liquidation as of November 30th. Additionally, approximately $128 million will be provided to assist 1,120 borrowers with outstanding direct Emergency Loans as of November 30th.

Addressing Distressed Borrowers in Bankruptcy

Distressed borrowers who qualify for this assistance and are currently in bankruptcy will be addressed through a case-by-case review process. This process was initially announced in October 2022 for complex cases, ensuring that all eligible borrowers receive the necessary support.

Developing More Prevention Options

USDA is actively developing additional options to prevent avoidable guaranteed loan foreclosures. These options will provide further support to distressed borrowers, ensuring their financial stability.

Adjustments for Previous Assistance Recipients

Borrowers who qualify for the current assistance and have also received previous Inflation Reduction Act assistance will have their payments adjusted to account for the previous support. This ensures that borrowers receive the appropriate amount of financial assistance based on their individual circumstances.

Additional Assistance Requests

Distressed borrowers who missed a recent installment or are unable to make their next scheduled installment on a qualifying direct farm loan due to cash flow issues can still request individual assistance. Borrowers who took extraordinary measures to avoid delinquency on their qualifying direct loans are also eligible to apply. More information on eligibility criteria for this assistance can be found at

Submitting Assistance Requests

Borrowers can submit their assistance requests in person at their local USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) office. Alternatively, they can send a direct request using the extraordinary measures or cash flow-based assistance portals found on the official USDA website at All requests for extraordinary measures or cash flow-based assistance must be received by December 31st.

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