Voters’ 2024 Picks Unaffected by Trump Trial Verdict

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The Impact of Trump’s Conviction on Voters

Trump Supporters Remain Steadfast

Committed Donald Trump voters are not swaying in their support even after their candidate was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump backers like Billy Pierce, Andrew Konchek, Debbie Katsanos, and Chris Mudd continue to stand by the former president, viewing the verdict as politically motivated.

Republicans Question the Verdict

Even Republicans who are not fans of Trump share the sentiment that he is being unfairly targeted. Individuals like Betsy Sarcone, Matt Vrahiotes, and Jan Gardner express skepticism towards the charges and the judicial process.

Divided Opinions among Former Trump Voters

Former Trump supporters like Devon McIver, Linda Rooney, Irma Fralic, and Joan London have varying views on the conviction, with some questioning the validity of the case and others calling it a political maneuver.

Biden Supporters React to the Verdict

On the other hand, Biden supporters like Darrell Ann Murphy, Pat Levin, and David Moore celebrate the verdict, seeing it as a triumph of the rule of law and democracy.

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