Was I wrong to give my wife permission to have an affair after being deceived?

### Husband Feels Betrayed After Wife Acts on Open Relationship Agreement

A 30-year-old husband is left feeling betrayed and confused after his wife acted on an open relationship agreement they had discussed. The husband, who had been married for 8 years, recounts a conversation with his wife about the possibility of having an open/semi-open relationship. The couple agreed that if circumstances ever arose where one of them wanted to have sex with someone else, it would be allowed as long as it did not interfere with their time together or their emotional connection.

### Husband’s Initial Reaction and Doubts

After the initial conversation, the husband felt a mix of emotions – from feeling dumbfounded to feeling like he had been given a “golden ticket” to explore sexually. However, the next day, he woke up feeling conflicted and unsure about the whole arrangement. Despite his doubts, he decided to take some time to process the information before taking any action.

### Wife’s Actions and Husband’s Betrayal

A week later, the wife comes home acting strange after spending time with a male acquaintance. The husband, feeling uncomfortable with the situation, expresses his concerns to his wife. Despite his reservations, the wife reassures him that there is nothing to worry about between her and the acquaintance. However, the husband later finds out that his wife had been sleeping with the acquaintance for at least a couple of weeks.

### Husband’s Emotional Turmoil and Conversation with Wife

Feeling betrayed and hollow, the husband confronts his wife about the situation. He questions her about ending the arrangement and not seeing the acquaintance again. The wife’s response leaves the husband feeling even more conflicted and unsure about the future of their relationship.

In conclusion, the husband is left grappling with feelings of betrayal and confusion as he navigates the aftermath of the open relationship agreement with his wife. The couple’s differing interpretations of the agreement have led to a breakdown in trust and communication, leaving the husband questioning the foundation of their marriage.

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