What has the evangelical church become?

Title: American Evangelicalism at a Crossroads: Prioritizing Politics Over Religion

Subtitle: Tim Alberta’s New Book Explores the Crisis Point of American Evangelicalism

In a powerful critique of American evangelicalism, Tim Alberta, son of a white, conservative Republican pastor, questions the prioritization of politics over religion within the church. Alberta highlights the hypocrisy of church leaders who support politicians like former President Donald Trump, despite their actions contradicting evangelical theology. The scandals, abuse, and lies within the church have shaken Alberta’s understanding of organized Christianity and convinced him that American evangelicalism has reached a crisis point.

Alberta’s upcoming book, “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism,” delves into this crisis and seeks to answer the question of why politics has taken precedence over spirituality. He argues that American evangelicalism has become obsessed with worldly identity instead of embracing a spiritual one. Rather than seeing themselves as exiles in a metaphorical Babylon, like the first-century Christians in Rome, evangelicals have embraced their imperial citizenship and made deals with the devil.

The prioritization of politics over religion has led to an existential battle for the soul of the country. Evangelicals are urged to dismiss the separation of church and state as a myth and to seek dominion over government, media, and culture. The goal is to establish an unapologetic evangelical theocracy, with dissenters damned.

Alberta’s deep faith in Jesus Christ remains steadfast, but his faith in the larger church has been shaken. He mourns the loss of a spiritual focus and the turning away from the teachings of Jesus. Alberta’s exploration of these issues in his book is crucial for understanding the future of America, as the crisis within American evangelicalism has far-reaching implications.

In other news, Democrats are facing a tchotchke problem in the wake of the deaths and retirements of prominent liberal figures. The liberal merch market, once booming with RBG candles and Stacey Abrams mugs, seems to have lost its novelty. With fewer iconic figures to adorn knick-knacks, Democrats are grappling with the challenge of finding new symbols and leaders to rally behind.

Meanwhile, a body language expert analyzes the recent debate between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom. According to the expert, body language reveals the true thoughts and intentions of individuals, even when words can be misleading. Decoding the body language of politicians provides valuable insights into their beliefs and motivations.

In the political realm, Congressman George Santos is facing a potential expulsion vote as he battles numerous scandals and a 23-count indictment. Santos, known for his colorful lies and scams, has become a symbol of congressional corruption. Observers predict that his future may include podcast appearances, a prison bid, and even a stint on Dancing with the Stars.

In a fascinating twist, Marty Kaplan, the writer of the 1992 comedy film “The Distinguished Gentleman,” reflects on the real-life replication of the movie’s plot. He never imagined that a conman lying his way into Congress, as portrayed in the film, would become a reality. The story of Rep.-Elect George Santos, whose resume turned out to be largely fiction, serves as a surreal reminder of life imitating art.

Lastly, recent polls indicate that former President Donald Trump is gaining support among Black voters in key battleground states, posing a concerning situation for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Despite Biden’s strong support among Black voters during the 2020 primary, there is a growing trend of Black voters shifting their allegiance to Trump. David Siders explores this trend in South Carolina, shedding light on the challenges facing the Biden campaign in the upcoming 2024 election.

In conclusion, Tim Alberta’s book sheds light on the crisis within American evangelicalism, where politics has taken precedence over religion. The prioritization of worldly identity over spiritual faith has led to an existential battle for the soul of the country. This crisis has far-reaching implications for the future of America. Additionally, other political and cultural developments, such as the decline of liberal merch sales, body language analysis of politicians, scandals in Congress, and shifting voter allegiances, shape the current landscape of American politics.

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