Whitney Simmons Flaunts Her Legs in Two-Piece Workout Gear

Fitness Influencer Whitney Simmons Shares New Workout on Instagram

Fitness influencer Whitney Simmons, who has 3.8 million Instagram followers, recently shared a new workout routine with her fans. She posted pictures and videos of herself wearing pink and purple workout gear while demonstrating a glute and leg workout using heavy weights. Simmons also mentioned an upcoming 30-day challenge that her followers can participate in. The workout includes exercises such as barbell RDL, KAS glute bridge, Bulgarian split squat, and glute dom back extension.

Simmons’ Love for Strength Training

Simmons revealed that her favorite type of workout is strength training. She believes that weight training has been the key to her physical and mental transformation. Spending an hour in the gym, lifting weights, and focusing on herself makes her feel empowered and energized. Simmons encourages her followers to give weight training a try and experience the positive effects it can have on their lives.

The Importance of a Balanced Diet

When it comes to her diet, Simmons emphasizes the importance of balance and sustainability. She starts her day with oatmeal, a good source of complex carbs that provides her with energy for her workouts. Simmons also includes protein in her meals, like scrambled eggs or a protein smoothie with fruits and spinach. She believes in living a healthy lifestyle rather than following restrictive diets, which she has found to be unsuccessful in the past. Simmons wants her subscribers to understand that fitness and lifestyle go hand-in-hand, and feeling good inside and out is the ultimate goal.

Increased Confidence in the Gym

Simmons is delighted to see more women embracing strength training and breaking through the barriers that have traditionally kept women away from the weightlifting area. She believes that the fitness community is transforming every day, with more women gaining the confidence to enter the weight training zone, which was once dominated by men. Simmons encourages women to challenge themselves and not be intimidated by the weightlifting section of the gym.

Embracing Balance and Mental Health

While Simmons promotes a healthy lifestyle, she also emphasizes the importance of balance and mental health. She believes that it’s okay to indulge in treats and enjoy life’s small pleasures. Simmons encourages her followers to maintain a 90% healthy diet and allow themselves a chocolate chip cookie or other treats occasionally. She believes that obsessing over perfection can be detrimental to mental health and that finding a balance is essential for overall well-being.

In conclusion, fitness influencer Whitney Simmons continues to inspire her millions of followers with her workout routines and approach to a healthy lifestyle. By sharing her love for strength training, promoting balanced eating, and advocating for mental health, Simmons encourages her followers to prioritize their well-being and find joy in their fitness journeys.

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