Why do some US states choose not to follow Daylight Saving Time? Consider the impact of sunlight.

Prepare for Daylight Saving Time in 2024


If you’re excited about daylight saving time approaching, you’re not alone. The majority of the country is gearing up for more daylight starting Sunday. However, areas like Arizona and Hawaii won’t be springing forward.

States Not Observing Time Change

States like Arizona and Hawaii have decided not to participate in daylight saving time for various reasons. This decision will impact millions of Americans adjusting their clocks.

Understanding Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is a biannual adjustment that occurs between March and November. This shift involves setting clocks forward or backward by one hour to maximize daylight in the evenings or mornings.

Duration of Time Change

The duration of daylight saving time varies depending on whether we’re gaining or losing an hour. In 2024, the time change will end on Sunday, Nov. 3, and resume on Sunday, March 9, 2025.

States Opting Out

Hawaii and Arizona, excluding the Navajo Nation, are the two states not observing daylight saving time. Additionally, five U.S. territories also abstain from participating in this time change.

Reasons for Non-Participation

The decision to skip daylight saving time is based on factors like abundant sunshine in these regions. Arizona’s desert climate and Hawaii’s location near the equator contribute to their choice to stick to standard time.


Whether you’re adjusting your clocks or enjoying the extra daylight, be prepared for the upcoming time change. Stay informed and make the most of the additional sunlight that daylight saving time brings.

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