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WWD Honors Recognizes Fashion and Beauty Achievements

Tuesday night’s WWD Honors ceremony celebrated the accomplishments of several designers and fashion, beauty, and retail companies. The event, held in New York City, featured poignant acceptance speeches, promising futures, and a special presentation from Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Jeff Gennette, CEO of Macy’s Inc., was recognized for his remarkable 40-year journey to the top of the retail world. Gennette, who will retire in February, received the Edward Nardoza Creative Leadership Award. Reflecting on his career, Gennette expressed pride in helping Macy’s navigate the challenges of the pandemic and develop initiatives like the inclusion and diversity program, Mission Everyone. He believes that Macy’s is well-positioned for growth under the leadership of Tony Spring, the incoming CEO.

On Holding, a Swiss brand known for its comfortable running shoes, was honored as the Best Performing Fashion/Retail Company Large Cap. Starting with sales under $10 million, the company has grown to reach $2 billion this year. Britt Olsen, the general manager of the Americas, accepted the award on behalf of the team, emphasizing their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Elyse Walker, a multibrand retailer based in Los Angeles, received the honor for Best Performing Fashion/Retail Company Small Cap. Walker credited her family, especially her husband and father, for their support and inspiration. She expressed her dedication to building something meaningful and highlighted the importance of acknowledging her employees’ hard work and sending them early-morning texts of appreciation.

Jacques Agbobly, the founder of an African-inspired knitwear brand, received the inaugural One to Watch award. Despite facing personal tragedy earlier this year, Agbobly remained committed to their dreams and credited educators for believing in them. Agbobly encouraged others to believe in themselves, be authentic, and stay true to their purpose.

Puig, a family-owned fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona, received the award for Best Performing Beauty Company Large Cap. The company, which includes brands like Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier, experienced 40% growth in 2022, reaching over 3.6 billion euros. Marc Puig, the chairman and CEO, expressed his gratitude for the recognition and invited the audience to Barcelona for the upcoming Women’s America’s Cup, sponsored by Puig.

Westman Atelier, an independent beauty brand founded by makeup artist Gucci Westman and her husband David Neville, was honored as the Best Performing Beauty Company Small Cap. The brand, known for its high-quality products, has achieved success without essential categories like lipstick. Westman and Neville expressed their gratitude for the recognition and their commitment to following their intuition and passion.

Chloé received the Corporate Citizenship Honor for its collaboration with Angelina Jolie on her new clothing brand, Atelier Jolie. The company is also focused on sustainability, using planet-friendly fabrics and reducing its carbon footprint. Chloé’s commitment to responsible sourcing was highlighted during the ceremony.

Overall, the WWD Honors celebrated the achievements and promising futures of various fashion and beauty industry leaders. The event recognized their dedication to innovation, sustainability, and making a positive impact on the industry.

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