Biden Administration Prioritizes Tax-and-Climate Law Regulations

Reimagining Tax and Climate Law Execution in 2022

Reimagining Tax and Climate Law Execution in 2022

The Biden Administration’s Top Regulatory Priorities

The Biden administration is determined to execute on the Democrats’ tax-and-climate law in 2022. With a strong focus on search engine optimization, this article explores the administration’s priorities in the realm of taxes and regulations for the coming year.

IRS’s Priority Guidance Plan

On Wednesday, the administration announced several new regulatory projects, many of which were already mentioned in the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) annual priority guidance plan released in September. These projects include regulations pertaining to the energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act and the reporting of transactions by US cryptocurrency brokers under the OECD’s Crypto Asset Reporting Framework.

Biden’s Energy Regulations

Within Biden’s list of regulations, there are three notable proposed rules related to energy. These include the advanced manufacturing production credit, transfer provisions for the clean vehicle credit, and regulations for energy-efficient commercial buildings. The administration is taking significant steps to address and promote clean energy initiatives.

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