The Top 8 Makeup Trends Generating Buzz in 2023

Beauty TikTokers have been taking the makeup world by storm with their innovative and sometimes extreme trends. From strawberry-girl makeup to latte-girl makeup, these creators have left us wondering about their emotional state and their longing for the Y2K era. However, not all of the year’s most-hyped makeup trends were as extreme. Matte makeup made a comeback with the “cloud skin” look, which involves using mattifying blurring powder and matte lipstick to create a soft-focus and blurred effect on the skin.

To achieve the cloud skin look, start by prepping the skin with a primer to eliminate excess shine. Then, apply a moisturizing formula to lock in essential moisture and create a smooth and supple base. Use a fluffy brush to apply a wash of tinted blurring powder, which helps absorb excess oils, even out discoloration, and minimize texture. Finish off the look with a hydrating matte lipstick that doesn’t leave your lips dry.

Freckles have also had a moment in 2023, thanks in part to the Meghan Markle effect. If you weren’t blessed with freckles or don’t want to expose your skin to the sun without protection, there are still ways to achieve a faux-freckle look. You can use a long-lasting liquid freckle pen or even book an appointment with a tattoo artist for a more permanent effect.

For a natural-looking freckle effect, try using a freckle pen with an ultrafine brush for easy application. There are also budget-friendly options available in different shades, including a magenta option for those who want a colorful twist. Another option is a stain-like formula that uses caramel and maple tree sap to tint the skin with natural-looking freckles.

The ’90s trend of dark lip liner has made a comeback with a glossy, cherry-cola-colored rendition. To achieve this look, outline your lips with a brown or deep-nude liner, shading slightly at the corners for added dimension. Then, add a high-shine cranberry or deep-red gloss to the center of the lips for a delicious cherry-cola look.

For a creamy and blendable lip liner, try Dame Pat McGrath’s signature liner. Makeup artist Fara Homidi also recommends a velvety mid-tone brown lip pencil that refuses to feather. Finish off the cherry-cola lips with a moisturizing shea-butter-and-grape-seed-oil lip gloss in a rich berry shade.

Another popular trend among beauty influencers is the strawberry makeup look, which involves a mixture of dark- and light-pink blush, faux freckles, peachy highlighter, and a sheer, glossy lip. To achieve this look, use a cream blush in a lush pink shade and add a few dots of liquid highlighter for an ultradewy effect. Finish off with a high-shine lip oil to bring out your natural lip color.

Latte makeup, a bronze look in shades of brown and nude, has also gained popularity. To achieve this trend, blend all the colors softly and keep the contouring minimal. A creamy contour kit and a shimmery cream bronzer are must-haves for the latte makeup look. Finish off with a nourishing lip gloss in a sheer brown shade.

When it comes to mascara, chunky and messy lashes are in. Apply a volumizing mascara as haphazardly as possible, embracing every glorious clump. Apply three to five coats of mascara for extra drama and thickness. Drugstore options like Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Colossal Mascara and L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara are popular choices for achieving thick and spidery lashes.

Soft-glam, a blend of natural-looking makeup and full-on drama, is another trend that has taken over TikTok. To achieve this look, opt for products that provide soft and subtle coverage, a barely perceptible tint, and a lift to your lashes. Use lightweight skin tints for a second-skin finish, neutral eye shadows to sculpt the eyes, and a comfortable balm-like lipstick for color payoff.

Overall, 2023 has been a year filled with exciting makeup trends, from extreme looks like strawberry-girl makeup to more wearable and versatile trends like cloud skin and soft-glam. Beauty TikTokers continue to push the boundaries of creativity and inspire us to try new looks.

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