Chuck Todd Criticizes NBC Live for Bringing on Ronna McDaniel


Ronna McDaniel, the former chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, recently made her debut appearance as a contributor on NBC News. This move sparked controversy within the network, with some expressing concerns over her past ties to Trump and comments on the 2020 election.

McDaniel’s Appearance on Meet the Press

During her appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press, McDaniel faced tough questions from moderator Kristen Welker regarding her personal beliefs and previous stances as RNC chairwoman. Welker clarified that the interview had been scheduled prior to McDaniel’s hiring as a paid contributor.

Internal Criticism at NBC

Despite McDaniel’s appearance on the network, there was internal and external backlash following the announcement of her hiring as a contributor. MSNBC’s president confirmed that McDaniel would not be featured on their platform, raising questions about the decision to bring her on board.

Chuck Todd’s Critique

Former Meet the Press host Chuck Todd expressed skepticism about McDaniel’s credibility during the interview. He acknowledged the challenging position Welker was in and criticized the network for putting her in that situation.

Discussion on Capitol Attack

Welker pressed McDaniel on Donald Trump‘s stance on the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, questioning the RNC’s support for those arrested. McDaniel distanced herself from Trump’s position, emphasizing that violence is unacceptable in political discourse.

RNC’s Response to Capitol Attack

McDaniel’s statements post-Jan. 6 attack came under scrutiny, especially when she defended individuals engaging in “legitimate political discourse.” The RNC’s condemnation of members investigating the attack further fueled the debate.

Final Thoughts

Despite disagreements with Trump on certain issues, McDaniel reaffirmed her support for the Republican Party and indicated her intent to vote for him in the upcoming election. She emphasized the importance of making a choice between him and Biden.

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