Derrick Evans, Jan. 6 rioter, defeated in West Virginia GOP congressional primary election

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Derrick Evans’ Defeat in Republican Primary Race

Derrick Evans, a Jan. 6 Rioter, Faces Electoral Loss

After storming the Capitol and admitting to felony charges, Derrick Evans faced a significant setback in his political career. Despite his attempt at rebranding, Evans lost the Republican primary race against Rep. Carol Miller in West Virginia.

Evans’ Legal Troubles and Apologetic Stance

Having pleaded guilty to obstructing officers during a civil disorder, Evans was sentenced to three months in prison in June 2022. His admission of knowingly committing a felony crime on Jan. 6, 2021, led to a rebranding effort as a “political prisoner,” accompanied by spreading conspiracy theories about the Capitol attack.

Video Evidence Against Evans

During his sentencing, video evidence livestreamed by Evans on Jan. 6 played a crucial role. The footage captured his unlawful actions, including storming the Capitol while expressing defiance towards law enforcement.

Evans’ Speculations and Text Messages

Evans speculated about receiving a pardon from Donald Trump for his actions and considered deleting incriminating evidence through text messages immediately after the incident, showcasing his awareness of the legal repercussions.

Exploiting Jan. 6 Incident for Fundraising

Evans leveraged his Capitol attack as a selling point for his candidacy, using misleading advertising to highlight his involvement. He even attempted to raise funds through publishing incriminating videos.

Connection with Another Capitol Rioter

A recent video revealed Evans’ association with a fellow Trump supporter who fired a gun during the attack. The other rioter, John Banuelos, has been arrested and detained pretrial, emphasizing the legal consequences faced by the perpetrators.

Political Landscape and Consequences for Evans

Rep. Carol Miller, a staunch Trump supporter, secured victory in the Republican primary, positioning herself favorably for re-election. Evans, among the 1,400 defendants charged in connection with the Jan. 6 attack, is one of over 500 individuals sentenced to prison terms.

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