The lessons learned from Michael Cohen’s first day of cross-examination in the Trump hush money trial.

Trump Hush Money Trial: Key Witness Cross-Examined

Cross-Examination Begins

Donald Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, wasted no time in challenging Michael Cohen during the hush money trial. The confrontation started with Blanche referencing Cohen’s TikTok post where he called Blanche a “crying little sh*t.” This initial exchange set the tone for the cross-examination of the Manhattan district attorney’s key witness against the former president.

Discrediting Allegations

Blanche’s cross-examination aimed to discredit Cohen’s claims against Trump. Despite the initial tension, much of the questioning focused on Cohen’s past compliments to Trump when he served as his loyal fixer, as well as the profits Cohen made from books and podcasts after turning against Trump.

Testimony Overview

Over two days, Cohen detailed the hush money scheme involving Stormy Daniels and the $130,000 payment made at Trump’s direction. This testimony supports the prosecution’s allegations that Trump broke the law by falsifying business records to conceal the payment, which Trump denies.

Cohen’s Motivations

Blanche highlighted Cohen’s shift from admiration to disdain for Trump in 2018, questioning Cohen’s current motivations, suggesting they are driven by revenge and financial gain. Cohen’s podcasts, where he frequently mentions Trump, and his books serve as evidence of his change in attitude towards the former president.

Changing Allegiances

Cohen elaborated on his decision to stop being loyal to Trump, admitting to previously lying for Trump but changing course when faced with federal charges. This change culminated in his guilty plea in 2018 and a shift in his public statements and actions regarding Trump.

Trump’s Reaction

Throughout the cross-examination, Trump remained relatively unresponsive, displaying disinterest in Cohen’s testimony. Despite occasional glances, Trump mostly kept his eyes closed and appeared detached from the proceedings, indicating a lack of direct engagement.

Final Witness

Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass confirmed Cohen as the prosecution’s final witness, signaling the impending conclusion of the case against Trump. The prosecution’s closing arguments are expected to follow Cohen’s testimony.


The Trump hush money trial continues to unfold with intense cross-examination and revealing testimonies, shedding light on the intricate legal battle surrounding the former president.

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