Editors Matt Murray and Robert Winnett of the New Post receive recognition for their rigorous journalism

Washington Post Editors

Meet the New Washington Post Editors


William Lewis, the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post, has appointed two seasoned journalists to lead the news organization through a period of restructuring. Both editors, Matt Murray and Robert Winnett, bring years of experience in driving ambitious and impactful journalism.

Matt Murray

Matt Murray, with 29 years at the Wall Street Journal and as the former editor in chief, is a well-known figure in U.S. media circles. Hailed by his colleagues for his dedication to investigative stories, Murray is recognized for his smart decision-making and impeccable journalistic standards.

Murray’s Background

A native of Bethesda, Md., Murray’s journalism journey began with editing his high school newspaper. He then embarked on a career that led him to cover crime in Chicago and eventually become a key figure at the Wall Street Journal, where he championed ambitious journalism initiatives.

Murray’s Achievements

Under Murray’s leadership, the Journal won a Pulitzer Prize for its series “Capital Assets” and gained attention for its comprehensive reporting on the origins of the coronavirus. Murray’s openness to new evidence and embrace of new technologies position him well to drive The Post’s innovative strategies to engage readers.

Robert Winnett

Robert Winnett, the deputy editor of Telegraph Media Group, has been a driving force in British journalism for nearly 17 years. Known for his tenacity in investigative reporting, Winnett has led groundbreaking exposés that have had lasting impacts on the political landscape.

Winnett’s Impact

Winnett played a pivotal role in investigations such as the “cash for honors” scandal and the misuse of expense accounts by members of Parliament. His leadership during these high-profile stories showcased his commitment to impactful journalism and fearless pursuit of the truth.

Winnett’s Leadership

Described as a calm yet determined leader, Winnett’s ability to drive impactful stories while maintaining a composed demeanor has earned him respect among his peers. His focus on producing high-impact, detailed stories has been a hallmark of his editorial style.


As the Washington Post enters a new chapter under the guidance of Matt Murray and Robert Winnett, the future of the publication looks promising. With their wealth of experience and dedication to quality journalism, Murray and Winnett are poised to lead The Post to new heights of success and engagement.

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