Enhancing Compliance Pathways for Cultural Resource Adaptations Following Vulnerability Assessment (U.S. National Park Service)

NPS Climate Change Adaptation for Cultural Resources

NPS Climate Change Adaptation for Cultural Resources

View of boathouse showing stabilizing structures on a bluff by the beach.
Dry Tortugas Light Station Boat House, Loggerhead Key

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Efficient Compliance Pathways

The National Park Service is enhancing compliance pathways for cultural resources facing climate change impacts. This initiative includes funding a liaison to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to streamline processes related to the National Historic Preservation Act.

Urgent Recognition of Climate Change

Why? The NPS acknowledges the pressing threat of climate change on cultural resources. Vulnerability assessments have shown the need for swift adaptation actions to mitigate accelerated effects. Developing climate change-specific compliance alternatives will expedite project reviews and improve overall efficiency.

Adaptation Strategies

Inflation Reduction Act” paraid=”1803604035″>What Else? Cultural resources may require various adaptation measures in response to climate change. These actions could involve relocating historic structures, reburial of archaeological sites, or accepting the loss of some resources that cannot be preserved long-term.

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