Rioter caught in dating app sting sentenced to prison after Jan. 6 incident

Donald Trump Supporter Sentenced to Over Six Years in Prison

Andrew Taake, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, was handed a sentence of just over six years on Wednesday. He was apprehended in 2021 as a result of a woman’s sting operation on the Bumble dating app. Taake had pleaded guilty to assaulting law enforcement officers with a deadly weapon during the Capitol riot in December.

Prosecution and Sentencing Details

Prosecutors had sought a 6.5-year prison term for Taake, emphasizing his violent actions during the January 6 attack. U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols, appointed by Trump, ultimately sentenced Taake to 74 months behind bars. Nichols stressed the severity of Taake’s offenses and the need to deter similar behavior in the future.

Impact of Taake’s Actions

Taake’s use of bear spray and a metal whip against officers was deemed by Nichols as unacceptable and not protected under the First Amendment. One officer described the excruciating pain he endured after being sprayed by Taake. Federal prosecutors highlighted Taake’s lack of remorse and efforts to shift blame for his actions.

Insight from the Sting Operation

Following the Capitol riot, a woman on Bumble, identified as “Witness 1,” engaged with Taake and other participants to gather information about their involvement. The woman’s strategy involved minimal ego-stroking to encourage the men to share details, which she then reported to the FBI.

Taake’s Apology and Reflection

In court, Taake expressed regret for his actions, admitting to his mistakes and apologizing to the victim officer. He acknowledged that he allowed his emotions to guide his behavior during the chaos of January 6. Despite his remorse, Taake was held accountable for his violent conduct.

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