Eva Mendes Compliments Ryan Gosling Following Milan Fashion Week

### Eva Mendes Takes Milan Fashion Week by Storm

Eva Mendes, 50, recently showcased her fierce Milan Fashion Week look on Instagram, thanking a team of professionals for making it all possible. The actress credited Dolce Gabbana, her hairstylist, makeup and beauty team, wardrobe stylist, and content creator for helping her achieve her fashion getaway in Italy. Mendes also gave a shoutout to her longtime love, Ryan Gosling, 43, for holding down the fort at home so she could embrace her inner fashionista in Milan.

### A Stylish Display

Mendes strutted her stuff in a sheer black polka dot dress, white tights, white platform heels, and a matching white belt during her quick trip to Milan. She completed her ensemble with a black fascinator and short veil, exuding elegance and glamour as she shared glimpses of her fashionable escapade on social media. Fans couldn’t help but gush over Mendes’ stunning look and the support she received from Gosling while she indulged in the “Dolce Evita” lifestyle.

### Supporting Gosling at the Oscars

Just days before her Italian fashion adventure, Mendes showed her support for Gosling at the 2024 Oscars, where he was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in “Barbie.” While Gosling didn’t take home the award, his lively performance of “I’m Just Ken” stole the show, earning praise from fans and fellow celebrities alike. Mendes, although not present at the ceremony, cheered on her partner from behind the scenes, expressing her pride in his remarkable stage presence and talent.

### A Strong Partnership

Mendes’ brother, Carlo Mendez, revealed that the couple’s strong bond is built on communication and a shared dedication to putting family first. Despite their busy schedules and individual successes, Gosling and Mendes remain in sync and support each other wholeheartedly, making them a true power couple in Hollywood. As Mendes continues to make waves in the fashion world and Gosling captivates audiences with his performances, their unwavering support for one another shines through, solidifying their status as soulmates.

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