FBI arrests man accused of ramming Trump sign at police during US Capitol attack on January 6

FBI Arrest South Dakota Man for January 6 Insurrection

The FBI has apprehended a South Dakota man, William Knight, for his alleged involvement in the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol. Knight, 37, of Rapid City, now faces serious charges related to obstructing law enforcement and engaging in violence during the riot.

Arrest and Charges

Following his arrest by the FBI on Sunday, Knight is set to appear in court soon. The Justice Department announced two felony charges against him, along with five misdemeanor charges, for his actions during the events that unfolded on January 6.

Video Evidence and Prosecution

Knight was prominently featured in multiple videos captured during the riot, aiding investigators in building a case against him. Prosecutors accuse Knight of being among the first rioters to breach the restricted perimeter at the Capitol and engage aggressively with law enforcement officers.

Rioter’s Actions

According to court documents, Knight was seen gesturing aggressively and yelling confrontational phrases at police officers. He was involved in ramming a large “TRUMP” sign towards officers and disrupting police lines during the chaos.

Despite being sprayed with a chemical agent by law enforcement, Knight persistently pursued officers and continued to chant slogans in support of Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

Knight’s case is being handled by the US attorney’s office in Washington DC and the Justice Department. The judicial system is actively targeting individuals involved in the insurrection, with approximately 1,500 people facing charges across all states.

More than 100 individuals have already been sentenced, with penalties ranging from a few days to 22 years in prison, highlighting the severity of consequences for participating in the events of January 6.

Implications and Future Rulings

The US Supreme Court is expected to make a crucial ruling soon regarding the Justice Department’s authority to prosecute rioters under an obstruction statute. The outcome of this decision could impact the prosecution of numerous defendants currently facing obstruction charges in connection to the January 6 insurrection.

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