Federal Funding of $70 Million Granted to Expedite Restoration of Salton Sea in California

Accelerating Restoration of the Salton Sea with Federal Funding

Accelerating Restoration of the Salton Sea with Federal Funding


California’s Salton Sea, a vital water body, is in need of restoration to improve conditions for wildlife and surrounding communities. To aid in this effort, the Biden-Harris Administration has made available $70 million in federal funding, part of a larger commitment of $250 million from the Inflation Reduction Act. This funding complements the over $500 million in state funding that has already been secured.

First Major Federal Investment

Today, Governor Gavin Newsom highlighted the significance of the first major federal investment coming to California for the restoration of the Salton Sea. This investment will accelerate ongoing efforts to enhance wildlife habitat, protect public health, and improve water quality at the lake. The federal funding of $70 million will be transferred to California’s Salton Sea Management Program, which is part of a $250 million commitment announced last year to accelerate dust suppression and aquatic habitat projects at the Salton Sea. California has already committed over $500 million in state funding for Salton Sea projects.

Challenges Faced by the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea has experienced a reduction in water inflows, causing it to shrink in recent years. This reduction has led to exposed lakebeds, releasing small dust particles that worsen air quality in the Imperial Valley, an area already burdened by poor air quality. Additionally, the decreased water levels and increased salinity negatively impact wildlife habitat, particularly for birds traveling the Pacific flyway.

Expansion of the Species Conservation Habitat Project

The $70 million federal funding will be used to expand California’s Species Conservation Habitat Project. This project aims to create a network of ponds and wetlands spanning over 4,000 acres, providing essential habitat for fish and birds while suppressing dust emissions. The funding will enable the expansion of the project at the southern edge of the Salton Sea.

Supporting the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians

In addition to the funding for the Species Conservation Habitat Project, $2 million in federal funding has been announced to support the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians. This funding will enhance the Tribe’s technical capacity and help with the implementation of Salton Sea projects by funding positions dedicated to this cause.

Celebrating the Historic Funding

Leaders from the California Natural Resources Agency, along with officials from the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians, and other members of the Salton Sea Coordinating Committee, gathered in Imperial County to celebrate the historic funding. This significant investment will contribute to the stabilization and restoration of the Salton Sea, benefiting both local communities and wildlife.


This major federal investment marks a crucial step in the ongoing work to restore the Salton Sea. By working together with federal, tribal, state, and local partners, California is determined to make progress in achieving ecological, health, and economic goals in this important region.

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