Officers to Campaign for Biden in Advance of Presidential Debate on Jan. 6

The Capitol Riot Officers Campaign for Biden in Key States

Three police officers who bravely defended the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 riot will be hitting the campaign trail for President Joe Biden ahead of the upcoming debate with former President Donald Trump in battleground states.

Standing Against Trump’s Quest for Power

Former Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, and D.C. police officer Danny Hodges are set to tour Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Hampshire. Their mission is to alert voters about the dangers of a potential second Trump term in the White House.

The Threat to Democracy

Speaking about Trump’s behavior, Officer Dunn emphasized the existential threat the former president poses to democracy. He highlighted Trump’s embrace of political violence and disturbing statements hinting at dictatorial tendencies if re-elected.

Reactions to Trump’s Statements

Trump’s controversial remarks about a potential “bloodbath” in the country and his self-proclaimed dictatorial intentions have sparked strong reactions from both the Biden and Trump campaigns. The exchange of accusations and denials continues to fuel the political divide.

Press Conference and Allegations

Joining forces with actor Robert De Niro, the officers held a press conference outside the New York courthouse during Trump’s hush money trial. They emphasized that the fight against injustice did not end on January 6 and continues to this day.

The Fight for Justice

Officer Dunn reiterated that the events of January 6 were an attempt to undermine democracy and highlighted Trump as the primary instigator of political violence. Similarly, Officer Fanone condemned the assault he endured at the hands of Trump supporters.

Legal Action and Consequences

The Justice Department’s actions post-January 6 have led to over 1,200 individuals facing charges related to the Capitol attack. The legal proceedings continue as the repercussions of that fateful day unfold across the nation.

Response and Counterstatements

Actor Robert De Niro’s public denunciation of Trump as a “clown” and his participation in a Biden campaign ad reflect a deep concern about Trump’s potential for violence. In response, the Trump campaign has vehemently defended the former president against what they consider to be unwarranted attacks.

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