Advocacy group calls for AC upgrades in schools, citing Inflation Reduction Act funding

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Advocates in El Paso are calling for a change in the way school districts address the issue of refrigerated air in schools.

Amanecer People’s Project Advocacy

Amanecer People’s Project emphasizes the importance of refrigerated air for optimal learning conditions for children and the overall working environment in schools.

Matthew Rodriguez, the group’s organizer, has been actively canvassing schools and organizing community meetings to advocate for upgraded AC units in schools.

Community Concerns

Over the past year, Rodriguez and his group have noticed a growing concern in the community regarding the use of swamp coolers instead of refrigerated air in several local schools, with 19 schools still relying on swamp coolers, primarily in the El Paso Independent School District.

The group aims to fight for clean air, water, and serve as a voice for local residents.

Federal Funding Opportunities

Rodriguez highlighted the availability of federal funds, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides financial resources for school upgrades, solarization, and other improvements.

He urged school districts to take advantage of these funds to address the outdated AC units issue.

Amanecer People’s Project Initiatives

The organization actively engages with schools by distributing informative flyers to keep parents informed and encourage community participation.

A public meeting is scheduled for June 22nd to further address the issue.

School District Responses

While Amanecer People’s Project continues to advocate for change, school districts, including Socorro and Ysleta, have made progress in resolving the AC unit issue.

EPISD Superintendent Sayavedra acknowledged the challenges faced by the district, emphasizing the need for ongoing efforts to upgrade facilities.

Remaining Challenges

Despite past bond approvals, EPISD still has 20 schools awaiting AC upgrades, highlighting the ongoing need for funding and resources.

Other districts, like Canutillo and Anthony ISD, are taking steps to replace outdated units and ensure comfortable learning environments for students.

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