Opposition Leader in South Korea Attacked with Neck Stabbing during Busan Visit

South Korea’s Opposition Leader Stabbed

South Korea’s Opposition Leader Stabbed


Lee Jae-myung, the leader of South Korea’s Democratic Party, has been attacked and stabbed in the neck during a visit to Busan. Despite sustaining a 1cm laceration on the left side of his neck, Lee’s injuries are not life-threatening.

The Attack

The incident occurred during a news conference at a construction site in the port of Busan. Lee was addressing reporters when a 66-year-old man approached him under the pretense of asking for an autograph. Suddenly, the attacker lunged forward and stabbed him in the neck with an 18cm knife. The assailant was immediately overpowered and arrested.

Immediate Response

The brazen attack has shocked the nation, with condemnation pouring in from political parties and politicians, including current President Yoon Suk Yeol. Videos of the attack circulated on social media, showing Lee collapsing into the crowd before falling to the ground. Medical staff at the scene quickly attended to his injuries.

Medical Condition

Lee’s injuries raised concerns about his jugular vein, which carries blood from the head to the heart. Medical staff suspect injury to this vital vein and intend to operate quickly to address the issue. The Democratic Party strongly condemns the attack, viewing it as a clear act of democracy destruction.

Past and Future Endeavors

Lee, who narrowly lost the 2022 presidential election by a mere 0.73% difference in votes, is widely expected to run for a seat in the next general election. However, he has also faced legal challenges. Since the election, he has been indicted on corruption and breach of trust charges related to his tenure as the mayor of Seongnam. Lee has denied these allegations, dismissing them as politically motivated.

South Korean Security

South Korea has a relatively low crime rate, but the country has witnessed an increase in mass stabbing attacks. Possession of firearms and other weapons is strictly regulated, and public figures are typically not provided with extensive security protection. Previous cases of South Korean politicians being physically attacked with weapons include incidents involving Lee’s predecessor, Song Young-gil, and former president Park Geun-hye.


While Lee’s stabbing has shocked the nation, his injuries are not life-threatening. The incident serves as a reminder of the security challenges faced by political figures in South Korea, as well as the ongoing legal battles that have surrounded Lee since the presidential election.

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