Sal Stowers Practices Yoga in Athletic Attire

### Sal Stowers: Model, Actress, and Fitness Enthusiast

Sal Stowers, a model and actress known for her roles in America’s Next Top Model, All My Children, and Days Of Our Lives, is also a fitness enthusiast who shares her workout routines on Instagram. Last August, she posted a video of herself in a yoga class, emphasizing the importance of self-care and listening to her body.

### Boxing Workouts and Strength Training

Stowers incorporates boxing into her fitness regimen, sharing videos of herself boxing with a trainer on Instagram. She expressed her excitement for getting back to boxing and feeling strong and powerful after a session with her trainer.

### Favorite Recipes and Healthy Eating

On Instagram, Stowers often shares her favorite recipes, like a Fall Parfait made with nutritious ingredients such as berries, coconut yogurt, bee pollen, pecans, and cocoa nibs. Her passion for creating delicious and healthy meals reflects her dedication to maintaining a balanced diet.

### Ab Workouts and Core Strengthening

In another Instagram post, Stowers demonstrated her favorite ab workouts, including standing oblique crunches, bicycle crunches, and mountain climbers. She emphasized the importance of engaging the core throughout the workout to sculpt and trim the waist.

### Hiking Adventures for Physical and Mental Well-being

Stowers enjoys hiking as a way to stay in shape and connect with nature. In a video shared on Instagram, she expressed her gratitude for being in nature and on top of a mountain, highlighting the sense of aliveness and connection it brings.

### Yoga Practice for Heart Health and Wellness

Apart from boxing, hiking, and core workouts, Stowers also practices yoga, which has numerous benefits for heart health and overall well-being according to John Hopkins Medicine. Regular yoga practice can help reduce stress levels, inflammation, and contribute to a healthier heart by addressing factors like high blood pressure and excess weight.

Sal Stowers’ commitment to fitness and wellness shines through her diverse workout routines, healthy eating habits, and connection to nature through activities like hiking and yoga. Her holistic approach to staying in shape serves as inspiration for her followers to prioritize their physical and mental health.

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