VP Contenders in Trump’s MAGA Veepstakes Against Lowering Insulin Costs for America’s Seniors

Trump Takes Credit for Biden’s Insulin Cost Reduction Actions

Trump’s Attempt to Claim Credit for Lowering Insulin Costs

Statement from DNC Rapid Response Director

Responding to Donald Trump’s efforts to take credit for President Biden’s actions to reduce insulin costs through the Inflation Reduction Act, Alex Floyd, the DNC Rapid Response Director, pointed out that Trump’s VP contenders in Congress opposed the Act. They stood by Trump’s stance on prescription drug prices, healthcare access, and support for Big Pharma.

Trump’s Claim and Media Coverage

Donald Trump is attempting to claim credit for President Biden’s measures to lower insulin costs for seniors with the Inflation Reduction Act, which his VP contenders opposed. CNBC reported on Trump’s claims regarding the Act.

Provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act

Under the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden implemented various provisions to reduce medicine prices for seniors, including capping insulin costs at $35 per month for Medicare recipients. The New York Times highlighted the Act’s impact.

Opposition in Congress

The legislation faced opposition from Republican senators like Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, and others who demanded changes to the Act’s provisions. The New York Times and other sources covered the voting against the Act.

Trump’s VP Shortlist and Healthcare Views

Trump’s VP contenders have a history of supporting his efforts to restrict healthcare access and oppose the Affordable Care Act. The HealthInsurance.org and other media outlets reported on their stance on healthcare policies.

Economic Policies and Tax Cuts

Instead of focusing on reducing costs for Americans, Trump’s VP contenders support his economic policies that benefit the wealthy and corporations. They have expressed support for measures like making tax cuts permanent. CNBC, Fox Business, and other sources have covered their economic views.

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