Susan Saint-Welch: Honest Relationships are Most Common among Individuals with 8 Specific Personality Traits

8 Personality Traits That Indicate Trustworthiness in a Relationship

When we enter into a new relationship, we often overlook the personality traits that can indicate whether or not someone is trustworthy in the long run. Trust is a crucial aspect of any romantic relationship, as it allows us to feel secure and valued by our partner. However, many individuals struggle with trust issues due to past experiences of betrayal. In order to assess someone’s level of trustworthiness, there are specific personality traits that can serve as indicators. Here are eight traits that are likely to be present in individuals who are honest and reliable in a relationship.

1. Reliability: Trustworthy individuals follow through on their commitments and do what they say they will do. They are upfront about any obstacles that may prevent them from fulfilling their promises. People who make empty promises or fail to value their commitments are not reliable partners.

2. Dependability: By observing how someone behaves and interacts with others, you can gain insight into their trustworthiness. If a person is regularly sought after for support or assistance by their friends, it is likely because they have established themselves as dependable and trustworthy.

3. Confidence: Trustworthy individuals are comfortable making consistent eye contact when speaking. While there may be exceptions for those with social anxiety or shyness, confident eye contact is generally a sign of transparency and openness. Building trust in a relationship requires emotional intimacy, which is fostered through eye contact.

4. Demonstrative: Trustworthy individuals exhibit open body language when communicating. They do not cross their arms or avoid making gestures. Openness and emotional safety are crucial for a healthy relationship, and trustworthy individuals understand the importance of being emotionally available.

5. Directness: Trustworthy individuals communicate clearly and directly. They do not dodge questions or change the subject to avoid answering. In a relationship, clear and direct communication is essential for navigating challenges and building trust.

6. Consistency: Trustworthy individuals maintain consistency in their stories and explanations over time. If someone’s explanations change depending on the conversation or audience, it can be a red flag. Consistency is crucial for trust, as it demonstrates reliability and honesty.

7. Honesty: Trustworthy individuals admit their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. They do not shy away from sharing information that may reflect negatively on them. Honesty is vital for building trust in a relationship, as it fosters open communication and vulnerability.

8. Ethical: Trustworthy individuals treat others with kindness and respect. They do not engage in gossip or spread negative rumors. Honoring confidentiality and practicing ethical behavior consistently over time adds trust and emotional safety to a relationship.

While no one is perfect, trustworthy individuals demonstrate these positive personality traits consistently. They may make mistakes, but their intentions and efforts will always be genuine. Building a relationship with someone who consistently demonstrates these traits can provide a sense of security and emotional fulfillment. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and recognizing these traits can help individuals make informed decisions about their partners.

Susan Saint-Welch, a licensed marriage and family psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience, emphasizes the importance of trust in relationships. Through her work, she helps individuals find lasting love and overcome obstacles in their quest for fulfilling relationships.

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