21 Individuals Arrested for Protesting at Biden Campaign Headquarters Regarding Climate and Gaza

Reimagining the Climate Protest: Urging Biden to Prioritize Climate Action

Reimagining the Climate Protest: Urging Biden to Prioritize Climate Action

Climate Action and Ending Support for Israel’s Actions in Gaza

At U.S. President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign headquarters, nearly two dozen campaigners from the Sunrise Movement gathered to make a powerful statement. Holding signs that read, “Fund Climate, Not Genocide,” the activists were arrested to draw attention to the urgent need for bold climate action and Biden’s support for Israel’s actions in Gaza. They emphasized that unless the President takes action, he risks losing crucial votes from the younger generation.

Urging Biden to Lead or Lose

The organizers of the protest made a clear call to action, urging President Biden to lead or risk losing support. They demanded that he declare a climate emergency and put an end to his approval of continued fossil fuel extraction. Despite championing his own climate laws as the “most ambitious in American history,” the campaigners stressed that bolder action was necessary to address the climate crisis.

Blockading the Campaign Headquarters

Around 100 campaigners blockaded President Biden’s campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, to amplify their message. They aimed to raise awareness about the urgent need for a cease-fire in Gaza and an end to the era of fossil fuels. Sunrise Movement stated that millions of young people would stay home in November if these demands were not met.

America’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

Amid the protest, one of the protesters, while being led away by a police officer, emphasized that American communities are under attack from increasingly frequent and severe wildfires, storms, droughts, and hurricanes. This highlighted the urgent need for President Biden to take far-reaching action to combat the climate crisis. The protester declared that the President’s legacy hinged on his response to this emergency.

The Impact of Biden’s Actions on Emissions Cuts

The protest occurred just over two months after an analysis by the Center for Biological Diversity revealed that President Biden’s approval of various projects undermined the projected emissions cuts outlined in the Inflation Reduction Act. These projects included the Willow oil drilling project in Alaska, offshore oil and gas lease sales, and liquefied natural gas terminals.

Calls for Consistency and Urgency

The Sunrise Movement stressed the importance of consistency in President Biden’s actions. They argued that the President could not claim to be a climate leader while simultaneously supporting fossil fuels. The group highlighted that the U.S. produced a record amount of fossil fuels in 2023, despite the urgent warnings from energy and climate experts.

The Need for Immediate Action

The Sunrise Movement reiterated the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for immediate action. They pointed out that President Biden could take steps without congressional approval to protect vulnerable communities from the devastating effects of wildfires, extreme storms, and other climate-related disasters. Additionally, the group urged supporters to flood Biden’s campaign office with faxes demanding a declaration of a climate emergency.

The Power of a Climate Emergency Declaration

A climate emergency declaration would enable President Biden to implement several impactful actions. These include reinstating a ban on crude oil exports, halting oil and gas drilling in federal waters, and ending U.S. investment in fossil fuel projects overseas. The Sunrise Movement emphasized that such measures were necessary to address the immediate threats posed by climate change.

A Call for Authentic Climate Leadership

The Sunrise Movement’s campaign director, Kidus Girma, spoke passionately about the need for authentic climate leadership. Girma highlighted the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, including flooding, toxic air, and racial disparities in its effects. Girma criticized President Biden’s expansion of oil and gas production while claiming to be a climate president, calling it contradictory and unacceptable.

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