Advice from Democratic Governors for the Unpopular President

How Democratic Governors Can Improve Biden’s Standing Ahead of the Election

How Democratic Governors Can Improve Biden’s Standing Ahead of the Election

Ground-breaking Events and Ribbon-cutting Ceremonies

Democratic governors have come up with a strategy to help President Joe Biden boost his public standing before the upcoming cutthroat election year. They believe that hosting ground-breaking events, presentations of oversized checks, and ribbon-cutting ceremonies can improve Biden’s image. These events, which showcase the results of various infrastructure acts, aim to highlight the positive impact of Biden’s policies on the local communities.

Governors’ Support for Biden’s Presence at Ceremonies

Democratic governors, who have themselves won tough reelection fights, believe that Biden should attend more of these events to connect with the public. They argue that the announcements and ground-breaking ceremonies are important, but the ribbon-cutting signifies the completion of projects and the arrival of funding. By participating in these events, Biden can demonstrate his commitment to delivering on his promises and improving the lives of Americans.

The Success of Democratic Governors

Despite Biden’s low poll numbers, Democratic governors have achieved significant success in their respective states. With victories in marquee races and battlegrounds across the country, these governors have proven their ability to connect with voters. They believe that their support for Biden can help elevate his standing and gain public support. These governors, such as Minnesota’s Tim Walz and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, are considered influential figures who can bolster Biden’s image.

The Role of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA)

The DGA, which has raised millions of dollars in recent years, aims to continue supporting Democratic governors and their initiatives. Despite Biden’s current approval rating of 37%, the DGA plans to raise $70 million by the end of 2023. This funding will be crucial in promoting the accomplishments of Democratic governors and Biden’s policies, potentially countering the challenges he may face during his reelection campaign next year.

Biden’s Unpopularity and Economic Awareness

Democratic governors attribute Biden’s unpopularity to a lack of public awareness regarding the success of the economy under his administration. They acknowledge the delay between implementing landmark legislation and its tangible impact on people’s lives. While the economy has generally been strong, the public’s concern about high inflation has affected their perception of Biden’s leadership. However, the governors believe that continued education about Biden’s policies will eventually help people feel the positive changes.

Key Issues for Biden’s Reelection

As Biden prepares for his potential rematch against former President Donald Trump, Democratic governors provide their insights on how he can secure victories in their states. They advise Biden to remain authentic and avoid focusing on Trump. Some governors, like Kansas’ Laura Kelly, suggest that he should steer clear of discussing sensitive topics like abortion access. However, others, including California’s Gavin Newsom and North Carolina’s Roy Cooper, believe that Biden should actively protect women’s reproductive freedom to appeal to voters in swing states.

Addressing Concerns About Biden’s Age

A significant concern among the public is Biden’s age, with many believing that he is too old to run for another term. Democratic governors suggest that Biden should address this concern by joking about it and highlighting the wisdom and accomplishments of older individuals like Warren Buffett. By owning his age, Biden can alleviate doubts and showcase his experience and ability to lead.

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