Tyler Goodson from the ‘S-Town’ Podcast Fatally Shot during Confrontation with Police

Tragic Death of Tyler Goodson

Tyler Goodson, a key figure in the widely acclaimed “S-Town” podcast series, tragically passed away on Sunday following a fatal shooting incident during a standoff with the police at a residence in Woodstock, Alabama. The incident occurred southwest of Birmingham. Authorities reported the incident on Monday.

The Standoff

In response to a distress call after midnight on Sunday, law enforcement officials arrived at a home in Woodstock. Upon arrival, they discovered that Tyler Goodson had barricaded himself inside. Multiple agencies were involved in the ensuing standoff. According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Tyler Goodson “brandished a gun at officers” during the standoff.

Fatal Outcome

During the course of the standoff, Tyler Goodson, 32, was shot and subsequently pronounced dead.

Unanswered Questions

Details regarding the identity of the shooter and further specifics about the standoff and shooting have not been disclosed at this time. Mayor Jeff Dodson of Woodstock expressed his desire for answers and information regarding the incident.

Tyler Goodson Remembered

Mayor Jeff Dodson emphasized that Tyler Goodson was more than just a character to the fans of the “S-Town” podcast. He was a beloved father, son, brother, and friend. Mr. Dodson requested that people remember the multifaceted nature of Tyler Goodson’s life and expressed his sympathy for the loss.

Investigation and Local Authorities

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is actively investigating the shooting incident. The agency will be collaborating with local authorities to uncover further details.

Influence of “S-Town” Podcast

The podcast series, “S-Town,” quickly gained popularity when it was released in 2017, receiving 16 million downloads within its first week. This podcast went on to win a prestigious Peabody Award. You can learn more about its success here.

The Story of “S-Town”

“S-Town” follows the gripping narrative of John B. McLemore, a man who despised his hometown of Woodstock, Alabama. Seeking assistance in his investigation of an alleged murder committed by a member of a wealthy family, he contacted podcast host Brian Reed.

Significance of Tyler Goodson

Tyler Goodson played a significant role in the podcast series. He shared a close friendship with John B. McLemore, and their bond is a focal point in the show. Unfortunately, early in the series, listeners discover that John B. McLemore died by suicide after consuming cyanide.

Legal Complications

Despite not having a legal will, it was revealed that John B. McLemore intended to leave his belongings to Tyler Goodson. However, the latter faced legal charges for allegedly stealing items from McLemore’s property that he claimed were rightfully his. You can read more about this incident here.

Controversy and Lawsuit

“S-Town” faced scrutiny as it was released posthumously, raising concerns about the privacy of John B. McLemore’s life. In 2018, McLemore’s estate filed a lawsuit against the podcast and its associates, accusing them of exploiting McLemore’s story. The lawsuit was eventually settled. Additional information can be found here.

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