AIUDF Chief Criticizes Girls’ Lipstick Use, Urges Marriage Instead

### MP Badaruddin Ajmal Questions Girls for Wearing Makeup at Educational Program

All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) supremo Badaruddin Ajmal sparked controversy on Sunday when he questioned girls attending an educational program for wearing makeup. Speaking at the ‘Ajmal Super40 foundation program’ in Barpeta district of Assam, Ajmal asked, “I have seen many girls wearing a full face of makeup. Why are you wearing lipstick and blush? Yaha koi hero aane wala hai kya? (Is some actor about to come?)”

Ajmal emphasized that the event was meant for educational purposes and not a film function. He expressed concern over young Muslim girls not wearing the Hijab and questioned their choice to forgo the headscarf. Ajmal further suggested that girls who wear lipstick and blush should be sent marriage proposals, and it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their daughters’ behavior when they return home from institutes.

The AIUDF chief urged the girls to prioritize their identity as human beings before aspiring to become doctors or engineers. He stated, “Pehle insan baniye, baad mein doctor aur engineer” (Aim to be a human being first before dreaming about becoming a doctor or an engineer).

This is not the first time Ajmal has made controversial statements. Last month, he suggested that Hindus should adopt the Muslim formula and get their children married at a young age. He claimed that Muslim men marry at the age of 20-22, and Muslim women marry at 18, following the permissible age set by the government. In contrast, Ajmal alleged that Hindus have multiple illegal relationships before marriage, delay marriage until after the age of 40, and then expect to bear children. He argued that fertility decreases with age and emphasized the importance of starting a family at a younger age.

Ajmal’s remarks have drawn criticism from various quarters. Critics argue that his comments reflect a patriarchal mindset and undermine women’s autonomy and freedom of choice. They highlight the importance of allowing women to make their own decisions regarding their appearance and personal lives.

It is essential to promote an inclusive and respectful environment in educational programs where individuals can express themselves without judgment or scrutiny. Encouraging open dialogue and understanding can contribute to the overall growth and development of students.

Badaruddin Ajmal’s controversial statements have once again ignited a debate on women’s agency and the need for progressive attitudes towards gender roles in society. As discussions continue, it is important to prioritize respect, tolerance, and equality to foster a more inclusive and egalitarian society.

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