Trump Refers to Jan 6 Rioters as “Hostages” and Declines to Sign Illinois Loyalty Oath Pledging Non-Overthrow of Government

Donald Trump Criticized for Failing to Sign Illinois Loyalty Oath

Joe Biden’s 2024 election campaign is raising concerns over Donald Trump’s refusal to sign a loyalty oath in Illinois, which states that he will not advocate for the overthrow of the government.

Trump Demands Freedom for Capitol Hill Rioters

On the third anniversary of the Jan 6 Capitol Hill siege, Donald Trump downplayed his involvement and called for the Biden administration to release those prosecuted for storming the government building in 2021.

Trump Labels Jailed Individuals as “Hostages”

During a campaign event in Iowa, Trump referred to those imprisoned for their involvement in the attack as “hostages” and accused the government of mistreating them.

Illinois Loyalty Oath

In Illinois, candidates traditionally pledge not to advocate for the overthrow of the government as part of the election process.

The loyalty oath is a longstanding requirement in the state, but Trump failed to include it in his ballot-access paperwork that he submitted.

Biden’s campaign spokesperson, Michael Tyler, condemned Trump for his refusal, stating that presidents have historically sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution, while Trump refuses to sign a document affirming that he won’t attempt a coup.

According to The Guardian, Trump voluntarily signed this oath in his previous presidential runs in 2016 and 2020.

Responding to Tyler’s remarks, Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, asserted that Trump will take the oath of office again on January 20th, 2025, and commit to preserving and defending the Constitution.

Incumbent Joe Biden and another major Republican candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, have both signed the loyalty oath.

“Hostage” Rioters

During a campaign event in Clinton, Iowa, Trump referred to those imprisoned for their involvement in the Jan 6 attack on Capitol Hill as “hostages” and argued for their release.

He maintained that he was indicted because he challenged the integrity of the election and continues to claim that his loss to Joe Biden in 2020 was due to fraud.

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