Alito’s excuse for upside-down flag reveals pro-Trump bias

Supreme Court Justice Alito’s Controversial Statement

Supreme Court Justice Alito’s Controversial Statement


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito faced criticism for his recent statement regarding an upside-down American flag displayed over his house. The incident, occurring shortly after the Capitol attack on January 6, raised questions about Alito’s judgment and impartiality.

Alito’s Explanation

Alito not only blamed his wife for the flag mishap but also attributed it to a dispute with an anti-Trump neighbor. This revelation by Alito sheds light on his personal biases and political affiliations.

Response from Experts

Legal experts, including Mark Joseph Stern and Elie Mystal, expressed concerns about Alito’s actions impacting the Supreme Court’s credibility. They emphasized the need for congressional intervention to hold rogue justices accountable.


In conclusion, Justice Alito’s controversial statement regarding the upside-down flag incident has sparked debates about judicial integrity and the separation of personal beliefs from professional responsibilities.

Published on May 18, 2024

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