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### Rosewood Manor Fashion Show Delights Residents

On May 9, 2024, Rosewood Manor hosted a fashion show sponsored by Aveanna Hospice of Scottsboro, bringing a unique twist to the traditional runway event. The Designing Women Fashion Show featured “updated versions of old vintage styles” and was organized by Rhonda Nix, Program Director of Rosewood, and narrated by Tammy L. Haynes, Community Account Executive of Aveanna.

### Surprise Models and Fun Twists

Residents of Rosewood were in for a treat as the fashion show took an unexpected turn with surprise models and quirky outfits. Daughters of several residents stepped in as models, adding a personal touch to the event. Fashions like a “pen stripe” jacket and a “sun” dress brought laughter and smiles to both the residents and attendees, making it a memorable experience for all.

### Unique Runway Fashions

The show kicked off with Tammy L. Haynes setting the stage with an opening song and introducing the models and their unique ensembles. From fancy midi dresses worn by Rosewood employees to creative outfits crafted by family members, the runway was filled with creativity and humor. Models like Angie Carter and Carol Bunn, daughters of residents, showcased outfits made of unconventional materials like cotton balls, tea bags, and drinking straws, adding a playful element to the show.

### A Touch of Entertainment

As the show came to an end, Rosewood’s Executive Director, Ross Petty, made a surprise appearance sporting a “car” coat and led the models in a lively dance down the runway. The event concluded with Rhonda Nix expressing gratitude to everyone involved in making the show a success, with a special mention of Brenda Light, Activities Assistant for Rosewood, and refreshments provided by Aveanna Hospice.

Overall, the Designing Women Fashion Show at Rosewood Manor was a delightful and entertaining event that showcased creativity, humor, and community spirit. With Aveanna Hospice’s ongoing support in providing entertainment for the residents, such events continue to bring joy and laughter to the residents of Rosewood.

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