American democracy is being disrupted by a surge in violent threats targeting US public officials

Threats Against Public Officials on the Rise: A Disturbing Trend

Threats against public officials in the United States have reached alarming levels in recent years, with politically motivated incidents on the rise. The impact of these threats is far-reaching, causing fear and disruption within the government and potentially endangering the democratic process.

The Case of Kevin Patrick Smith: A Troubling Example

One case that highlights the severity of this issue is that of Kevin Patrick Smith, a middle-aged contractor who left dozens of threatening voice messages for US Senator Jon Tester. Despite admonishments from FBI agents and the confiscation of multiple firearms and ammunition, Smith persisted with his threats. As a result, he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for threatening to injure and murder a US Senator.

The Scope of the Problem: A Deep Dive into Threat Statistics

An analysis conducted by CNN has revealed alarming statistics regarding threats against public officials. The study focused on federally prosecuted threats between 2013 and 2023, revealing that at least 41% of cases were politically motivated. Additionally, nearly 95% of those prosecuted for making threats were male, with a median age of 37. The Trump presidency saw a significant increase in politically motivated threats, rising by 178%. Furthermore, threats related to hot political topics such as abortion and police brutality increased by over 300% during the Trump years compared to the second term of Obama’s presidency.

The Impact on Public Servants: Disruption and Fear

These threats have had a profound impact on public servants, causing fear and disruption within government offices. During Obama’s second term, 16 Democrats received threats, while under Trump, 43 GOP lawmakers were targeted. With the 2024 presidential campaign underway, the ongoing wave of violent messages poses a significant threat to the American machinery of government.

Recent Flareups and Potential Harbingers

While the threatscape to public officials appears to have cooled in 2022, there have been recent flareups that could be indicative of future disruptions. Examples include threats surrounding the failed effort to award Rep. Jim Jordan the House speakership, the indictments against former President Donald Trump, and threats against Rep. Ilhan Omar following the outbreak of the war between Hamas and Israel. Election officials have also been targeted, with suspicious letters containing dangerous substances being sent to their offices.

Threats Against Public Officials: A Danger to Democracy

Threats against public officials and election workers are considered to be among the most dangerous hate crimes, as they have the potential to undermine democracy itself. These threats not only endanger the individuals targeted but also erode trust in the democratic process and the ability of public officials to carry out their duties effectively.

The Challenge of Prosecuting Threats

The prosecution of threats against public officials can be challenging, with many hostile messages falling short of the legal threshold for prosecution. Additionally, a recent Supreme Court decision has raised concerns about the ability to prosecute threatening speech. The decision, which protected the harassing messages of a Colorado man, could make it even more difficult to hold individuals accountable for their threats.

A Call for Action: Protecting Public Officials and Safeguarding Democracy

Addressing the issue of threats against public officials is crucial for safeguarding democracy and ensuring the safety of those who serve the public. It is essential to continue monitoring and investigating these threats, prosecuting individuals when possible, and implementing measures to protect public officials and election workers.


Threats against public officials pose a serious threat to the democratic process and the safety of those in positions of power. By understanding the scope of the problem and taking steps to address it, we can work towards a society where public servants can carry out their duties without fear of harm or disruption.

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