Analysis of Open Workout 24.1

### CrossFit Open 2024 Week 1 Recap

The first week of the 2024 CrossFit Open kicked off with a challenging couplet of dumbbell snatches and lateral burpees over the dumbbell. Athletes were required to complete a total of 90 reps of each movement within a 15-minute time cap. This year’s workout featured a unique twist on the rep scheme, with two sets of each movement at each rep level instead of the usual one.

Athletes faced a new challenge in Open Workout 24.1, as they had to complete all dumbbell snatches on the same arm for a given rep level, perform the burpees, and then switch arms for the next set. The inclusion of lateral burpees over a dumbbell was a first in Open history, adding a fresh element to the competition.

### Participation by Country

Analyzing the top 10 countries based on participation in the Open, we saw an increase in overall participation compared to the previous year. The United Kingdom reclaimed the second spot, while Brazil moved up to fourth place from sixth in 2023. South Korea showed significant growth, moving up to seventh place in 2024.

In terms of completion rates for 24.1, South Korea led the pack with 70% of athletes finishing the Rx’d version of the workout under the time cap. Spain and Australia followed closely behind with 67% and 66% completion rates, respectively.

### Workout Analysis by Division

A higher percentage of male athletes in the 18-34 age group chose to tackle 24.1 as Rx’d, with 87% opting for the more challenging version. On the women’s side, 73% completed the Rx’d workout, while all masters and teenage divisions had completion rates above 70%.

Looking at the distribution of scores for Rx’d individuals, we observed a concentration of times around the 10-minute mark for men and 12-minute mark for women. Only a small percentage of athletes managed to finish the workout in under 7 minutes.

### Percentile Tables and Data Source

The article includes percentile tables for individuals, masters, and teenagers, detailing the breakdown of reps and times required to achieve specific percentiles within each division and workout version. The data used for the analysis is sourced from official CrossFit Open submissions.

*The data used for this analysis is from the official CrossFit Open submissions.*

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